Losing your favorite calendar app is a lot like losing a friend


Have you ever lost your best friend or your lucky rabbit's foot? I know you have, we've all experienced the loss of something or someone we have become close to over time.

Well... Last week I lost an app I have used everyday for the past two years! I felt out of sorts (and still do). The app? Tempo Smart Calendar App.

This calendar app wasn't your typical calendar app it did so much more. I thought of it as an assistant because if all it did...

  1. Integrated with my iPhone Reminders App, providing me with a quick look at my lists and even allowed me to check items off my list from within Tempo!
  2. Synced with my email and allowed me to browse emails that related to my event either by title, keyword or attendees. All from within the app!
  3. It linked with LinkedIn, providing me with details of the other invitee's LinkedIn profile.
  4. With a tap I could send a quick note saying "I'm running late"
  5. Scheduled conference calls were a breeze! Tempo would pull the conference call number and pin in allowing me to place my calls without having to remember the pin!
  6. Of course it synced with my Google Calendar and kept me on track.
  7. It was so easy to create an appointment and add invitee's.

Should I keep going? You get the picture right? There were many other features to this app that were so helpful to me. Now it's gone! 😱😱

What happened...

A few days ago I went to the Tempo to pull up the address and directions to my morning meeting and it just wouldn't do it! Furthermore, there was this annoying error message "Cannot connect to Tempo Server" (or something like that). So... I deleted the app with the intent to reinstall. Guess what?? It was not in the AppStore!! 😱😱

So, like any regular techie I Googled Tempo only to learn... They were acquired by Salesforce who shut the app down on June 30. How did I miss that!!??

Personally I think Apple missed an opportunity. I would have loved it if Apple had scooped them before Salesforce and incorporated the technology into their Calendar App... Especially because it's one of the pre-installed apps I don't use!

This was a great little app that saved me a lot of time and became a big part of my workflow. Now I'm on the hunt for a replacement. I've tried Sunrise Calendar App in the past and will definitely give it a whirl again... Hint to Sunrise App folks: Here's your opportunity to really separate yourself from the rest of the crowd by incorporating some of Tempo AI's features and making them even better!

Other Calendar Apps I may consider:

Do you have a favorite calendar app or any other app/s you use daily and seemingly can't do without? I would love to hear about them, share them in the comments below.