Unlocking the secrets of LInkedIn for nonprofits and social services. (Part 1)


When we think of LinkedIn we generally don't think of it as being very useful to nonprofits. Most people associate LinkedIn with job search and a home for their resume. It turns out that LinkedIn can serve nonprofits greatly not only with the basic features of the platform but also with LinkedIn's library of resources dedicated solely to nonprofits.

The intent of this article is to provide you, the nonprofit professional with insight into the benefits of making LinkedIn a part of your marketing, recruiting and fundraising efforts. Future articles will go further into the features of LinkedIn and best practices that will allow you to get the most out of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has pulled together data from its users profiles, posts, affiliations, groups, presentations and interactions in a space called "LinkedIn for good". In this space you are able to easily access content specifically for nonprofits; including Grants, Veterans Mentor Network, Youth Employment and even finding your next Board Member.

Think about this... "24,000 nonprofit hires were influenced by LinkedIn" in 2015 and nonprofits had over 25 Million followers. How can you take advantage of this platform to increase your revenue, find new volunteers and expand your reach? By being more intentional about how you use LinkedIn and learning more about what it has to offer your nonprofit organization, that's how.

Now accessing all this information is wonderful but useless if you do not know the ins and outs of LinkedIn and all the "hidden" secrets to making all this valuable content connect you with the right people and ultimately reach your goals. This is why over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you how to unlock the secrets to LinkedIn for nonprofits.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and ask me questions about LinkedIn and any related topics. 

Looking forward to sharing part two of "Unlocking the secrets of LinkedIn for nonprofits".

Until next time