Unlocking the secrets of LInkedIn for nonprofits and social services. (Part 3)


Can your profile compete on LinkedIn?

By now you should be in the game and ready to compete! The question is how?? How do you get the attention of the people you most want to be in front of? How do you distinguish yourself from the sea of Non Profit Organization’s on LinkedIn?

Competing in Social Media means being relevant and for LinkedIn specifically, it means the Projects, Experiences, Skills and Endorsements sections of your profile are updated regularly. Don't get scared... Regularly doesn't mean every day or even every week. I recommend you do this monthly or at least quarterly, make it a habit... I know it's difficult to find time, I struggle with this as well but... when I add it to my calendar it gets done. So, just go ahead and schedule it.

The idea here is to ensure that your virtual "resume" relates to who you say you are in your headline and profile summary. Think about it, why would you have experiences listed from your college internship and first job 12 years ago when you haven't updated your experiences while in your current position? The people you want to reach now need to know what you are capable of now!

Follow along to learn how to add a little relevance to your LinkedIn profile.

1. Update your projects listing

Did yourNon Profit Organization recently complete a project? Or were a partner or participant in a larger project? This is where you get to expand on your profile summary using media - images, video and even include your team members and project partners. By mentioning other LinkedIn Members in your project description they are able to naturally include you in their profile updates!

2. Review and update your experiences

List jobs and contracts here. Be direct, note briefly how your work has benefited the organization by focusing on outcomes more so that what you intended the outcome to be.. How has your work helped your organization reach their goals?

3. Add, Edit, Delete, Re-Order Skills and Endorsements. 

What skills do you possess that you want to be known for? LinkedIn allows for up to 50 skills that may be ordered as you see fit. The top 10 skills will be seen first by your network allowing them to easily "endorse" you for said skills.

Again, schedule some time each month to review your accomplishments and make note of items that would improve your LinkedIn profile. Think relevance… Your edits should enhance your profile by linking your experiences with your headline and summary thus making you more competitive and relevant!

Stay in the game! Compete!

Till next time,

Do you need help implementing these winning methods? Good news! I will be presenting some basic concepts of LinkedIn at the Tamarac Chamber of Commerce's next LUNCH & LEARN on April 21, 2016. Seats will be limited to 40 people so RSVP early on the Chamber's website or call the number below.
www.tamaracchamber.org | (954) 722-1520